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We are your hands and ears in Bangladesh keeping track of your loved ones’ health and well-being on your behalf.

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Healthcare is more than just writing prescriptions, it is about human connections based on empathy and genuine care

Geriatric care needs multidisciplinary approach

Prevention is better than cure

Digital medical records allow for efficient consultations and second opinions from home and abroad

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Utshob Health Care

Mridul Chowdhury


Mridul has 15+ years of experience in ICT and public health, with leadership roles in developing large-scale solutions in multiple developing countries. He has degrees from Harvard University and University of Texas at Austin, and executive certificates from Stanford University and INSEAD.

Utshob Health Care

Raihan Zaman


Raihan is the founder of the emerging conglomerate Utshob Group. The group started its journey in 2005 with, the first cross-border e-commerce website from Bangladesh. Now Utshob Group has spread their operation in nine countries and has eighteen corporate offices. In addition to running a highly successful and growing business, he is also dedicated to charity work and has been working tirelessly for the education of underprivileged children.

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Dr B M Atiquzzaman


Dr. Atiq is a renowned Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist and Faculty of College of Medicine at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA. He is an Associate of the Digestive and Liver Center of Florida. He completed his postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology from the State University of New York, Downstate and Geriatrics at Stoney Brook University. Dr Atiq is the founder Director of Planatary Health Academia- the largest NRB Academic Physician Platform that serves relentlessly for the technology and knowledge transfer to better the healthcare of citizens of Bangladesh.

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Munirul Islam


Munirul has 23 years of diverse experience in innovation management, communications, healthcare marketing & international development in Bangladesh, South & Southeast Asian countries. Munirul holds an MA in Digital Management from Hyper Island Singapore and is a US Fulbright Scholar of American Studies Institute from Washington College, Maryland, USA.

Utshob Health Care

Dr. Anupoma Haque


Dr. Anupoma is a policy professional with 18+ years’ experience in development, strategic planning and ICT for health – her career spanning across Bangladesh, Netherlands, Belgium & Austria. Besides her medical background, she also holds an MPH and MSc in Health Science from University of Twente with focus in fusing technology

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Dr. Parvez Karim


Parvez is trained at St Luke’s Hospital of Columbia University New York. Trained in Hyperbaric Medicine and wound care. He established primary care clinics in rural Mississippi. He was instrumental in implementing electronic medical records in the rural community hospitals. He serves as adjunct professor of medicine for the William Carey Osteopathic Medical School and also is an instructor for the Family Practice Residency. He serves as the Medical Director for Allegience long term care at two local nursing homes and also owns two hospice agencies.

Utshob Health Care

Syed Arif Yousuf


Arif has 20+ years of experience in developing, managing and leading information technology initiatives, projects and operations. With expertise in multiple IT functions, his diverse experience includes working for a Fortune 100 company, a world-class research university and a global non-profit organization.

Utshob Health Care

Dr. Nusrat Anik Afsana


Nusrat has 12 years of experience working at various managerial levels in the Hospital and Healthcare industry in operations, doctor's branding, patient and customer service management, product development, training and data analysis. She earned her Bachelors from Bangladesh Dental College, MBA from UODA and MPH from NIPSOM focused on Health Service Management and Policy.

Utshob Health Care

Dr. Abdul Baqi


Dr. Abdul Baqi has 45+ years of experience in various leadership positions in health administration and management with the Government of Bangladesh, and several large NGOs in Bangladesh and abroad. He retired from government service as Divisional Director of Health (Dhaka), DGHS. He holds an MBBS from Rajshahi Medical College and Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H), University of Liverpool, U.K.

Utshob Health Care

Dr Quazi Sharjil


Dr Sharjil’s specialization is in areas of Diabetology, Trauma and Laparoscopic Surgery. After passing MBBS in 2010 from Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College, he finished his Residency from BIRDEM in General Surgery. He achieved Membership from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh in 2016 and he is also a resident member of American College of Surgeons.

Utshob Health Care

Dr. Shameem Hassan


Dr. Shameem Hassan has 25 + years of diversified experience at senior level managerial positions in Government of Bangladesh, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and UN organizations. His core expertise is in the area of IT-based Decision Support System (DSS) in meteorology, and index-based insurance. He holds PhD degree on Hydro-meteorological modelling and Master’s degree in Satellite Communication.

Utshob Health Care

Devashish Choudhury


Devashish is a software development & management Professional, possessing 14 years of knowledge and experience in public health, MIS solution, Banking and telecom solution. He comes from a broad software engineering background where he held roles such as Senior Developer, Chief Engineer and Director of Technology. He has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from BUET.

Frequently Asked QuestionsUtshob Health Care

While you typically engage with a doctor when your parents get sick, our UtshobHealthCareParentsCare services are centered more around prevention, monitoring of health markers before anything gets serious, timely escalation of issues, and management of chronic illnesses. Most importantly, we will pro-actively and regularly communicate with you and promptly respond to your queries to keep you updated and at peace. Our family doctors pro-actively engage with your parents, not only in times of illness, but for the purpose of preventing illness.
Our family doctors all have several years of clinal experience, and are specially oriented around prevention and pro-active monitoring of health markers, and identify gaps in preventive approaches to healthcare. They are trained to engage with your parents not only around health issues, but also around issues of general well-being and emotional health. The family doctors are overseen by a group of senior clinicians and medical advisors, who are specialized in various disciplines of health.
They will engage with your parents through phone calls and home visits, and have friendly, engaging and constructive conversations for as long as required. We understand that at this age, your parents do not want to just hear advice and recommendations, but a friendly voice who will listen patiently and customize healthcare plans based on individual preferences. Our Family Doctor will also engage with your parents' care-givers at home to get their inputs and make customized plans for health tracking and monitoring based on individual situations at home.
Yes - our company motto is to serve at its best from a distance. We provide most of our services through tele consultations and some technologically advancement devices. When a subscriber subscribes to the Parents Care package, we arrange a home visit first so that the Family Doctors can meet the parents in person and interact with them.
After you sign up, we will have an initial call where our doctors team, led by senior Medical Advisors, Family Doctor and Medical Service Cordinator will be present. We will chalk out a plan of engagement with you during that call. Then, we will digitize all your medical records and treatment plans and analyze them thoroughly, and come up with a case summary and identify any gaps in examinations or protocols. After that, based on conversations with you, your parents, and their care-givers, our Family Doctor will come up with a customized plan for the service delivery over the next 6 months or 1 year, based on your preference.
No - we do not provide support during emergency situations but our family doctors can provide suggestions around doctor referrals or need for hospitalizations.
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