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Parentscare is a service of Utshob Healthcare - a digital health startup based in New York, USA with a focus on age-appropriate healthcare needs of your parents living in Bangladesh. We support you to take care of your parents in Bangladesh - through continuous care, preventive measures and management of chronic health conditions so that they can avoid or delay unintended medical interventions.

Core Values and Approach:
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Our health needs more attention as we age. Our parents deserve age specific care.
  • Geriatric care needs multidisciplinary approach
  • Healthcare is more than writing prescriptions. We build human connections with empathy and genuine care.
  • We will be there for your parents when you cannot.

We assign a dedicated Family Doctor for your parents who will monitor your parents’ health through home visits and phone calls

We create a digital medical profile of your parents that you can access through our proprietary app. The profile will be updated regularly.

Our dedicated Family Doctors will do regular phone follow ups and check up on health status and vitals.

Our panel of expert Family Doctors will be always available for your parents anywhere in bangladesh.. They can avail on demand telemedicine service whenever they need.

Prompt expert response on any medical query. No matter how big or small the concern is.

Free delivery of medicine within Dhaka city.

You will receive regular health updates from your parents from the family doctor, no matter where you are.

Additional services:
  • Comprehensive health screening package with home sample collection (CBC with ESR, FBS, 2 hr ABF, Portable ECG, Lipid profile, SGPT/ALT, SGOT/AST, S. Albumin, S. Bilirubin, S. Creatinine, S. Uric Acid, Urine RME) *50% less than the regular market price (*Dhaka only)
  • OTC medicine, hygiene products and supplements delivery from USA

Parents CareUtshob Health Care

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Parents Care

(for 1 parent)

$34.99per month


Parents Care

(for 2 parent)

$49.99per month

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